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Project Description
Painect is a drawing tool proof of concept, which uses a voxel engine and the Microsoft Kinect to draw 3D objects.
It uses C# as development language, the MS Kinect SDK and an PolyVox C# Wrapper.
The project is written and managed with VS2010.


Painect was delveloped as a software project in 2011 at the Otto-von-Guericke university in Magdeburg, Germany.
The inital team was formed by:
Marco Hinz, Matthias Saathoff, Erik Schondorff, Tino Petrachi and Florian Uhde.

Aim of the project was to build an application, which uses the MS Kinect as an input device for drawing into 3D space.
The source has been released ont the 10th of september and is now free to everyone.
If you use it in your project or extend/modify it we would be happy if you contact us and share your progress.

If you want to participate in this porject feel free to contact me over Codeplex.

PolyVox Wrapper

The Donwload includes a C# Polyvox warpper

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